- A Drama -

THEME: Marriage, family, gender relationships, sex, alienation
NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: 11 (6 male, 5 female)
NUMBER OF ACTS: 17 scenes
PLACE: A holiday home
TIME: Contemporary


The owners of the holiday home - four married couples - arrive for their holidays. Each of the owners has the right to two weeks holiday, under condition that they never meet up with the other owners. The first married couple and their two spoilt children try to maintain  the illusion of being a real family. The second couple arrive with their mentally handicapped son of 20. In the surreal flow of the play, the first couple's children meet the retarded boy and transform him into a normal adult. The third couple are on their honeymoon. In the surreal flow - the handicapped young man seduces the young bride. The fourth and oldest couple discover bills which have not been paid. The couples break up. They conclude that they never had been owners of the house, but that they had rented out their lives to the Owner, whose arrival is expected..