- A Drama -

THEME: Relationships within a household, alienation, virtual reality
NUMBER OF CHARACTERS: 6 (2 male and 4 female)
NUMBER OF ACTS: 3 scenes
SETTING: Family house
TIME: The present

A normal day for the family: two isolated teenagers attend the home classes (via Internet); older daughter is unemployed, she has problems with herself and with men; father is unemployed, he visits the sales and spends money; mother is the only one providing for the family, she comes home tired. Grandmother, whom they are planning to put in the home for the elders, comes into the nervous and dissatisfying domestic atmosphere. Grandmother brings warmth and emotions. Some warnings appear on the TV about the appearance of sun-spots and their harmful influence. Soon there is a prohibition of moving outdoors. Grandmother disappears. The family, worried about the grandma, is influenced by the sun-spots – the reality around them and inside them changes…